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Groups at Granite Peak

Affinity Groups

Bridge Group

Always looking for new players. Meets once a month.

Granite Peak Forum

Discussion of current events, politics and religion. Meets weekly.

MahJong Group

Always willing to teach new players. Meets weekly.

Beloved Community

Care Team

Provides care and support for members and friends. Get well cards are sent, visits scheduled and meals provided to those in need due to medical or physical issues.

Linkage Team

Coordinates with the Prescott Unitarian Universalist Fellowship on joint activities.

Small Group Ministry

Chalice Circles

A small group ministry made up of 6-11 members and friends who share thoughts, feelings, and experiences to develop a deeper connection with each other. This is a structured group with the discussion guided by a facilitator.

Kindred Spirits

Granite Peak's chapter of the Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans (CUUPS) is an interfaith Pagan group.

Men's Group

Meets monthly for friendship, caring and support.

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