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Rev. Patty Willis

Welcome to Granite Peak!

If you are new to Prescott and the Quad City Areas and are looking for a new spiritual home, you are welcome here!


If you have lived here for your whole life and are looking for a new community where you can belong just as you are, you are welcome here.


If you are a visitor or a guest or an old timer, you are welcome here. Bring your questions, concerns and your passion for changing the world.


We invite you into this sacred online space. Bring your authentic self, warts and all. Bring the faith of your childhood if you still hold that tradition. There is room for all faith traditions.


One of the ancestors of Unitarianism in what is now Romania said, “We do not have to think alike to love alike.” We welcome you if you are liberal, conservative, whatever your political leanings. We welcome you if you find truth in one of the many world religions, atheism, science, consider yourself to be spiritual but not religious, or are a lifelong Unitarian Universalist! We celebrate religious freedom, religious pluralism, and the individual search for truth and meaning. We welcome all sexualities and genders.


Walking into my first Unitarian Universalist service twenty years ago changed my life. Perhaps a visit to Granite Peak UU Congregation will change yours.


I look forward to meeting you. Please contact me if you would like to set up a visit. Welcome.


Rev. Patty Willis

Our Staff

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