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2024-25 Campaign Logo

Hope Grows Here
2024-25 Stewardship Campaign

For the budget year from July 2024 through June 2025

From the Minister

In our fifth year together, we have been leaning into joy. Your generosity and hard work have kept our congregation vibrant. Your open-hearted participation in the many aspects of our community life, has infused us with new energy and hope.

As we plan towards our shared future, we will be focusing on respectful communication. Bring your dreams with a listening ear for the hopes of others.

May our generosity nourish our vision of creating justice in the greater community and fostering happiness within.

— Rev. Patty Willis

From the President

In the warm after-glow of our January 21 congregational meeting, I  invite you to join me as we begin our annual stewardship effort. Our Stewardship campaign motto aptly encapsulates the atmosphere of our Congregational meeting: "Hope Grows Here." Read More

2024 Stewardship Video
January 27, 2024
Stephanie Willison
Stewardship message by Stephen
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