Reverend Karla Brockie

I am delighted to serve this warm and welcoming congregation in beautiful Prescott. In these times fraught with fear and division, it is essential for liberal religious communities to support the work of healing and lifting up the value of diversity, respect, equality, and loving kindness. The Unitarian Universalist faith welcomes people of all theologies, races, gender identities, sexual orientations, and abilities who affirm our principles. We are joined by a covenant of ethics, rather than by a single creed, and truly value the inquiring mind, the open heart, and willing hands. Together we can explore, heal, celebrate life, go deep within our souls, and make the world a better place for all. I am proud to be serving this beloved community, and I hope you find your spiritual home with us.

About me: I am a gay woman with ministry as my third career. Previously an occupational therapist and a religious educator, I have served as a hospice chaplain, and as parish minister in several congregations. Arizona is my true home, though I lived all over the world. My dog Buttercup is my pastoral associate, and my cat NoName is my spiritual director. Laughter Yoga is my favorite spiritual practice. I look forward to meeting you!