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Stewardship Committee


Approved 2020-05-28

Responsibility: The Stewardship Committee is responsible for encouraging an attitude of generosity within the congregation. We also inform the congregation about our programs, our ministries, our minister and our staff and why they deserve the congregation's financial support. We maintain communication with the Board of Trustees and the congregation about our stewardship efforts. And finally, we conduct the annual Stewardship Drive. 


Composition: The Stewardship Committee consists of a minimum of five (5) members.


Selection: New members may volunteer for or may be invited to join the committee.  


Terms of Office: Members serve for at least one fiscal year (July to June). 


Policies and Procedures: The committee has put together and maintains a Stewardship Operations Guide in hardcopy and digital form. This guide is the basis of the committee’s work.


Committee Covenant: The Stewardship Committee also covenants to treat each other with respect and communicate openly and honestly. We agree to speak with each other in a caring, forthright manner while listening profoundly to each other.

Bollinger Bobbie
Bobbie Bollinger

Board Liaison

Clark Mary Ann
Mary Ann Clark


Erickson Marianne
Marianne Erickson


Willison Brian
Brian Willison


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