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Social Justice Ministry Council


Approved 2015-02-15

The SJMC covenants with the Board of Trustees:


  • To facilitate social justice programs that engage the GPUUC congregation in a vigorous, thoughtful and respectful dialogue on how we can use UU Principles in our daily lives

  • To promote the process of maintaining a congregation of informed and engaged citizens

  • To provide oversight for Social Justice projects and task forces, including monitoring funding

  • To maintain open and regular communication with the congregation and the Board of Trustees

  • To assure that Social Justice projects, task forces and interest groups operate within the UU Principles or our policy regarding political activity in our facility

  • To assure that any interest groups recognized by the SJMC and which use the facilities or other logistical support, will not use the GPUUC name without permission from the GPUUC Board of Trustees

  • To follow the Policy for the Social Justice Ministry Council, as established with the Board of Trustees

  • To facilitate building relationships between our congregation and the broader community

In turn, the Board of Trustees covenants with the SJMC:


  • To direct all Social Justice related proposals initiated from within the membership to the SJMC to offer advice and administrative guidance

  • To assure fiscal, administrative and programmatic support to the Social Justice programs and staff.

Moran Ardella.jpg
Ardella Moran

Board Liaison

Steenhoek Mary.JPG
Mary Steenhoek


Eldridge Peter.jpg
Peter Eldridge


Stuckey Udelle.jpg
Udelle Stuckey


Schmidlin Andrea.jpeg
Andrea Schmidlin


Willis Patty.jpg
Rev. Patty Willis


Task Teams

Anderson Karen.jpg
Karen Anderson

Food Pantry

Lovejoy Stephen.jpg
Stephen Lovejoy


Shegog Robert.jpg
Robert Shegog



Welcoming Congregation

Schmidlin Andrea.jpeg
Andrea Schmidlin


Meier Norma.jpg
Norma Meier

Empty Bowls

Witt Lila.jpg
Lila Witt

Equal Exchange


UU Justice Arizona

Hubin Eileen.jpg
Lena Hubin

English Teaching

Moran Ardella.jpg
Ardella Moran

Response Team



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