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Resolution Team


Approved 2015-11-30

We, the GPUUC Resolution Team, covenant to assist the members of our congregation in their pursuit of Right Relations.  In this pursuit we covenant to: respond in a timely, confidential manner when our help is requested, listen appreciatively, speak with care, express gratitude, honor our differences, assume good intentions, and facilitate the resolution of conflicts as appropriate.  We endeavor to communicate directly, honestly, and compassionately in celebration of the common purpose that unites us.


Organizational Structure


The GPUUC Resolution Team is appointed by the Board of Trustees to execute the Resolution Team's covenant, goals, and conflict management process.  There are three members who elect their own chair.  Vacancies are filled by the Board of Trustees. Resolution Team  members serve terms of 3 years with the possibility of renewing for one additional term.  The Board of Trustees seeks Resolution Team members who have been a congregation member for at least three years, are respected by the membership, have served in leadership positions, and have exhibited good listening skills while demonstrating neutrality in disputes and practicing conflict management skills.  The Resolution Team will meet at least quarterly and will report to the Board of Trustees at least annually.

Willis Patty.jpg
Rev. Patty Willis

Board Liaison

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