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Program Council


Approved TBD

Responsibility: In support of the Mission of the Granite Peak Unitarian Universalist Congregation the Program Council will:


  • Provide input to the Board of Trustees regarding congregational initiatives.

  • Encourage connections between the Congregation’s members and groups through written updates, reports and regularly scheduled Program Council meetings.

  • Cooperate/collaborate with all other Granite Peak programs and committees regarding the scheduling of events.

  • Provide members and potential members information about Granite Peak activities and current events. 

  • Provide enthusiastic hospitality and universal welcoming that are on-going initiatives of the Granite Peak U.U. Congregation. 

  • Cooperate/collaborate with all other Granite Peak programs and committees by submitting announcements and articles for “The Weekly View”, monthly newsletter, “The View” and the Announcement section of Sunday Orders of Service.

Composition: The Program Council will be composed of Granite Peak members and staff who lead committees, major fundraising events, “Affinity” groups, councils and other groups and teams that serve the congregation and the larger community.


Selection: The Program Council automatically consists of members and staff who serve in a leadership role, as described in “Composition” above.


Term of Office: Members of the Program Council shall serve as long as they are actively performing a volunteer or staff leadership role at Granite Peak.

Bollinger Bobbie.jpg
Bobbie Bollinger

Board Liaison

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