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Personnel Committee


Revised 2018-11-15

Responsibility: The Personnel Committee, on behalf of the Board of Trustees and in consultation with the appropriate committees, staff members and the Minister, ensures that basic practices and procedures related to employed staff are consistent with GPUUC Bylaws, applicable state laws and the values of our UU faith. To this end they will


  • Establish job descriptions, search and hiring procedures, grievance procedures, and procedures for regular performance reviews.

  • After consultation with the Minister, recommend compensation changes, if any, for each staff member in the categories of cost of living increases and/or merit increases.

  • After consultation with the Minister and/or search committee, make the recommendation to the Board to hire or dismiss staff members.

  • Serve as consultants to the Minister regarding staff issues. Ensure that personnel files are appropriately maintained.

  • Continually review the Personnel Policy Manual, monitor its effectiveness, and recommend changes to the Board of Trustees.


Composition: The Committee will be composed of a minimum of three (3) members who have been members of GPUUC for at least two years (or have extensive UU leadership experience elsewhere) and have basic familiarity with personnel issues.


Selection: New Members will be appointed by the Board of Trustees after consultation with current committee members and the Minister. The committee will select one of its members to serve as chair.


Term of Office: Members of the Personnel Committee shall serve a term of two (2) years. No member may serve for no more than four consecutive years with the possibility of additional time if he or she is appointed in the middle of a church year. After completing their maximum consecutive term of office members of the Personnel Committee must complete a period of at least one year off the committee before they can serve on the committee again. (Every effort should be made to stagger terms in a way to provide both continuity and turnover of members. At the initial start-up of the committee, or in the event that there are vacancies in all slots on the committee, members may decide, by agreement or by lot to set term length at one year for some members. This allows terms of one, two, three or four years to be possible, assuming reappointments.

Willis Patty.jpg
Rev. Patty Willis

Board Liaison

Allgood Barbara.JPG
BJ Allgood


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Russ Erickson


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