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Membership Committee

Approved 2015-01-13

Responsibility: The membership committee supports the vision and mission of Granite Peak Unitarian Universalist Congregation. We acknowledge our role and purpose as follows:


  • To acknowledge and offer a welcoming experience to visitors

  • To enact a process of assimilation into the congregation

  • To encourage membership through educational classes and connection to members and groups

  • To maintain contact and connection with members and friends

  • To track, and record membership numbers, keeping the database current

Composition: The Membership committee shall have a Coordinator:


  • The Coordinator reports to the Board of Trustees

  • The Coordinator works with the finance team for the official count due to the UUA annually

The Membership committee works together with the Minister. A minimum of five members is preferred. Two members will be named as team leaders. The committee consists of two focus teams, each with their own responsibilities:


  • Visitor/New Member Team

  • Retention and Records Team

Selection: New committee members may be proposed by any member of the committee and/or on the recommendation of the Board of Trustees. The coordinator and team leaders shall be selected by current members of the committee. The coordinator may serve as a team leader.


Terms of Office: The Coordinator serves a two year term. Members of the committee shall serve a one year term. Continual service is encouraged.

Bollinger Bobbie
Bobbie Bollinger

Board Liaison

Shaffer Kathleen
Kathleen Shaffer


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