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Library Committee


Approved 2015-10-08

We, the members of the Library Committee, hereby enter into an agreement with the Granite Peak Unitarian Universalist (UU) Board of Trustees (BOT), by promising to serve the mission of the Granite Peak UU congregation by working cooperatively to provide library materials that aid the free and responsible search for truth and meaning.  In particular we shall maintain and develop the library collection so 


  • That the books pertaining to current UU issues and concerns be emphasized and made readily available to members, friends, and prospective members’ perusal following Sunday service and by loan as appropriate.

  • That, by adding, removing, and publicizing availability of materials as appropriate, we keep it up to date, relevant, useful, and manageable given the constraints of the available resources and space.  


Policies and Procedures: The library shall function based on a set of policies and procedures that the committee develops and revises as needed in consultation with the congregation and BOT as appropriate. 


Composition:  A minimum of five members is preferred.  In addition, the Board Liaison shall be an ex officio member of this committee. The Library Committee shall have a chairperson who is a member of Granite Peak UUC.


Selection: New committee members may be proposed by any member of the committee and/or on the recommendation of the BOT.  The chairperson shall be selected by current members of the committee. 


Term of Office: The chairperson shall serve a one-year, potentially renewable, term.  Members can join or resign from the committee at any time.  Continual service is encouraged.

Korade Dawn.jpg
Dawn Korade

Board Liaison

Skellenger Annette.jpg
Annette Skellenger


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