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Leadership Development Committee

Approved 2023-12-12




  • To identify the evolving leadership needs and opportunities within the congregation, looking at least three years into the future.

  • To help members and friends of the congregation identify their interests, passions and skills and become aware of how they can bring these to the congregation and the greater community. 

  • To maintain an inventory of member skills and interests as well current openings and needs and to suggest matches between the two.

  • To identify resources to support the development of current and future leaders such as workshops, training programs, online courses or webinars, mentoring opportunities, leadership retreats, orientations to congregational governance, basic tools necessary for positions being assumed such as packets of informational materials to help them navigate their way.

  • To advocate for support of leadership development opportunities and to play a major role in allocating funds for this purpose.  Specifically, the committee will administer the selection process for the Ethan Davis Leadership Fund recipients and handle the disbursement of the stipends that are granted.



The Committee will consist of at least four Granite Peak members with congregational leadership experience. Ideally the committee will include one current or past member of the Nominating Committee who can act as a liaison between the two groups, also, either a current or past member of the Membership Committee and a current or past member of the Faith Development Committee. The Board Liaison, Minister and the President of the Congregation will be nonvoting ex officio members of the committee. Task groups or teams of other members and friends may be appointed by the Leadership Development Committee to address certain needs or projects.




New members may volunteer or join at the invitation of the committee.


Term of Office


All members will hold two year terms that are renewable with approval of the committee and the Board. An effort will be made to stagger terms to provide for continuity of experience.

Bollinger Bobbie
Bobbie Bollinger

Board Liaison

Clark Mary Ann
Mary Ann Clark


Keen Jane
Jane Keen


Phillips Leatrice
Lea Phillips


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