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Finance Committee


Approved 2014-11-11

Responsibility: The Finance Committee (FC) shall support the congregational vision and mission. To that end the Committee shall:


  • Provide guidance and oversight for the prudent management of the congregation's assets and funds.

  • Make recommendations to the Board of Trustees for any proposed action or policy with financial implications for the congregation.

  • Make recommendations on proposed significant expenditures of the congregation to minimize any financial risks which may arise.

  • Provide advice in the preparation of the final budget for the coming year.

  • Provide technical support to the keeping of the congregation's books.

  • Provide oversight in the handling of receipts and disbursements.

  • Maintain an accounting manual for documenting accounting procedures and policies.

  • Schedule internal financial reviews on a regular basis, not to exceed three years.

Composition: The Finance Committee will be composed of such members as may be selected by the Committee itself. The Treasurer and any liaison to the board shall be joined by such persons as have, by training or experience, needed financial skills. 


Selection: New members for the Finance Committee may be proposed by any member of the committee. New members of the FC shall be approved by consensus of its members.


Term of Office: Members of the Committee shall serve at their own pleasure without term limits, due to the limited availability of such credentials as are needed for the Committee to function properly. The Committee shall select a chairman from time to time who shall schedule meetings and provide meeting places and agendas for them. A secretary shall be appointed to keep a cumulative record of the Committee's proceedings.

Augustine Tracy
Tracy Augustine

Board Liaison

Kraps Fred
Fred Kraps


Erickson Russell
Russ Erickson


Meier Norma
Norma Meier


Forte Fred
Fred Forte


Wood Jack
Jack Wood


Ingersoll Edie
Edie Ingersoll


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