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Faith Development Committee


Approved 2014-09-09

Responsibility: The Faith Development Committee shall be responsible for helping, supporting and in consultation with the Director of Faith Development (DFD) in providing a Faith Development (FD) program.


The FD committee will participate with the DFD to research, select and implement curriculum and programs to educate children and youth as well as select programs/curricula for the Adult Faith Development (AFD) program, with input from the congregation at large. The committee will ensure coverage for times when the DFD is not present at Granite Peak. The committee will provide support for the DFD and help create a program that will inspire personal spiritual growth as well as promote growth in our collective religious journey.


Composition: The committee will be composed of a minimum of three (3) members who have been members of GP for at least one (1) year, along with the Director of Faith Development and Minister.


Selection: New members can join at the invitation of the standing committee.


Terms of Office: Committee members shall serve for minimum of 2 years and a maximum of 6 years. An effort will be made to stagger terms to provide continuity to the committee.


The Faith Development committee also covenants to treat each other with respect and communicate openly and honestly. We agree to speak with each other in a caring, forthright manner while listening profoundly to each other.

Wilson Barbara
Barb Wilson

Board Liaison


ODonnell Ainslee
Ainslee ODonnell

Paid Staff

Palacios Sandra
Sandra Palacios

Faith Development Coordinator

Shegog Robert
Robert Shegog


Adult Faith Development

Clark Mary Ann
Mary Ann Clark


Sprague Jo
Jo Sprague


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