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Facilities Committee


Approved 2014-08-12



Membership: Open to anyone who is willing to provide physical labor and some occasional leadership toward fulfilling our Purpose. No term limits. Members can join or resign from the committee at any time. A minimum of eight members is preferred.


Leadership: Chairmanship of the committee will be rotated among its members. The Chair will serve a two-year term.




  • To manage and coordinate continual maintenance, repair and beautification of the Granite Peak UU facility.

  • Provide assistance and support to the Maintenance Coordinator.

  • Keep the BOT and the congregation informed regarding the state of our facilities.




Maintenance Coordinator: This individual continues as the go-to person when a breakage or malfunction occurs. This Maintenance Coordinator now has this team of individuals available to offer assistance as needed.


Facilities Committee Chairperson: This individual is responsible for:


  • Scheduling and leadership of meetings.

  • Assignment and monitoring of task completion.

  • Creation and distribution of meeting agendas.

  • Task list updating.

  • General oversight of committee operations. Record tasks completed, costs etc.

Member: Members attend meetings and donate time/labor as needed.


BOT Liaison: Serves as primary communication link between the committee and the Board of Trustees.


The Facilities Committee will:


  • Construct and maintain an evolving, prioritized, maintenance and repair Task List.

  • Do ongoing work to complete the tasks and remove them from the list.

  • Prepare a repair and maintenance budget proposal annually for BOT consideration.

  • Manage and monitor the annual repair and maintenance budget and working within that budget the committee will authorize necessary expenditures throughout the year. A report of expenditures budget balance will be made, by the committee to the BOT at least every two months.

  • In special circumstances or when expenditures exceed the available budgeted amount the Facilities Committee will prepare a recommendation for the BOT to make the final expenditure decision.

  • Invite GPUUC members to submit facility maintenance and repair requests.

  • Keep the congregation informed regarding Facility Committee activities.



  • Ongoing review of the physical facility.

  • Identify and complete needed repairs and alterations.

  • Stay within the budget.

  • Let bids and select appropriate suppliers and contractors.



  • Determine Custodial needs.

  • Select and contract with vendors and evaluate their performance.



  • Monitor utilities use and associated expenditures.

  • Pursue energy saving alternatives.

Tools and Supplies:


Identify, monitor and purchase necessary tools and supplies.

Denney Richard.jpg
Rick Denny

Board Liaison

Riordan Dan.jpg
Dan Riordan


Walter Dick.jpg
Dick Walter


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