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Communications Committee


Approved 2014-09-09

Responsibility: In support of the Mission of the Granite Peak Unitarian Universalist Congregation the Communication Committee will:


  • Encourage connections between the Congregation’s members and groups using the newsletter, Weekly View, website, social media, and group meetings.

  • Inform members and potential members about Granite Peak activities through an Internet Presence using the website and social media.

  • Promote the value of membership through marketing efforts including direct marketing to targeted audiences using radical hospitality and developing a uniform marketing message.

  • Cooperate/collaborate with all other Granite Peak programs and committees regarding communication.

Composition: The Communications Committee will be composed of up to ten (10) members performing the following duties: newsletters, internet site administration, public relations, marketing, and at-large members as necessary.


Selection: The Communications Committee automatically consists of members that perform related duties and at-large members confirmed by the Committee.


Term of Office: Members of the Communications Committee shall serve as long as they perform related duties or no longer than two (2) consecutive two (2) year terms in the case of at-large members. At-large members shall be reconfirmed by the Committee after the two (2) year term.

Hawthorne Chris.jpg
Chris Hawthorne

Board Liaison

Board Liaison

Hayes Elayne.jpg
Elayne Hayes


The View & Social Media

Augustine Tracy.jpg
Tracy Augustine


Social Media

Potter Andrew.jpg
Drew Potter


Courier Announcements

Erickson Marianne.jpg
Marianne Erickson



Powers Tracy.jpeg
Tracy Powers


Weekly Peak

Gorski Art.jpeg
Art Gorski



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