Social Justice Ministry News

Granite Peak is committed to organizing a Social Justice Ministry that will:

Strive to get at the root causes of injustice, as well as direct service work;

Develop connections with the local community and neighborhood so we would know our neighbors and work together for justice issues;

Develop relationships with local faith based groups, schools, businesses and institutions to form a strong cohort working for justice in the larger community:

Actively support the developing state-wide UU justice advocacy network so that Arizona congregations can work together on broad based issues.

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Issue and Action Day 2016

Join UUJAZ and UUs from all over the state in Suprise on October 29 to learn about issues impacting our communities and begin organizing for positive change. Get to know folks from other places who are passionate about putting their UU Values into practice and making this state a better place for all. Share what motivates you and how you are living out your faith! Register here.