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Granite Peak is committed to organizing a Social Justice Ministry that will:

Strive to get at the root causes of injustice, as well as direct service work;

Develop connections with the local community and neighborhood so we would know our neighbors and work together for justice issues;

Develop relationships with local faith based groups, schools, businesses and institutions to form a strong cohort working for justice in the larger community:

Actively support the developing state-wide UU justice advocacy network so that Arizona congregations can work together on broad based issues.


Still a Chance to Thank Gov. Brewer

UUJAZ and the several United Church of Christ Congregations have come together to generate a thank you letter to Gov. Brewer---thanking her for her veto of SB1062.

As the debate around the legislation came to an end,  the "Bad for Business" arguments were being hailed as the most compelling reasons to not support SB1062. Many of us from the faith community had been arguing all along that using religion to condone and sanction discrimination was flat-out wrong.

UUJAZ joined with our UCC partners to take a moment to sincerely thank the Governor, but also to remind her that members of faith communities across Arizona were opposed from the beginning.

To read and sign that thank you letter please click here. We are delivering the leter on Tuesday March 4th. So please visit the link today!


Granite Peak Well Represented at UU Day at the Legislature

With approximately 25 adult and youth members in attendance Granite Peak was an active and important part of the 2014 UU Day at the Legislature. UUs from throughout the state held 22 meetings with Legislators. The GPUUC contingent met with Rep. Karen  Fann and Sen. Steve Pierce also addressed the entire group of attendees at the morning gathering. Rev. Matthew Crary from the Amado COngregation delivered the opening prayer at the 1:30pm session of the Senate. UUJAZ, the statewide network of UU Congregations held a press conference challenging SB 1062 and HB 2153. FOr a pictorial review of the day visit the UUJAZ website.




AZ Republic Opposes SB1062/HB2153-

"Free Exercise of Religion" Bills are opposed by AZ Republic as "2 Religion 'Fixes' We Don’t Need"

Read Editorial.


Republicans In Congress Reveal Guidelines for Immigration Reform

Republicans in the House of Representatives released a set of guidelines for immigration reform on Thursday, 1/31. The AZ Republic reported. "Republican House leaders released long-awaited guidelines for overhauling the nation’s immigration system Thursday, drawing measured praise from reform supporters for opening the door to negotiations with Democrats that could lead to passage of a bill this year." (see whole article )

"Measured praise" is the key phrase. This Congressional session will likely see legislation proposed to reform our immiration laws. But the Republican guidelines for that legislation do not include a pathway to citizenship. The UUA and many Arizona congregations have well established partnerships with immigrant rights organizations. Look for the next several months to be filled with debate, in Congress and among the different advocate groups over which proposal to accept and support--if any. The Granite Peak Social Justice Ministry  will share with you pieces of those discussions as they unfold. We will post items here and have forums when appropriate.


Using Religion to Support Discrimination? 

SB1062/HB2153 amends Arizona’s religious freedom restoration act (RFRA) to enable a person or other entity to claim a “religious infringement” when refusing to provide public accommodation services or in other ways refusing to obey an anti-discrimination law. This proposed legislation intends to use religion to legitimize discrimination. UUJAZ published a Background Paper on SB1062/HB2153 and you can read it here

Visit the website for udates as these twin bills progress through this year's legislative session.











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