Social Justice Ministry News

Granite Peak is committed to organizing a Social Justice Ministry that will:

Strive to get at the root causes of injustice, as well as direct service work;

Develop connections with the local community and neighborhood so we would know our neighbors and work together for justice issues;

Develop relationships with local faith based groups, schools, businesses and institutions to form a strong cohort working for justice in the larger community:

Actively support the developing state-wide UU justice advocacy network so that Arizona congregations can work together on broad based issues.


The Mask You Live In - Film and Forum

Sat. July 23rd at 5:30 in the Granite Peak Sanctuary.

This free event is sponsored by Boys to Men and Granite Peak UU Congregation.

There is a crisis among boys in America: research shows that boys are more likely to be diagnosed with a behavior disorder, prescribed stimulant medications, fail out of school, binge drink, commit a violent crime, and/or take their own lives. This film dives into how our narrow definition of masculinity is harming boys, men, and society at large. Can you think of a time where you experienced or witnessed this teaching? How can we create a different narrative for boys today?

Being a real man means being tough, strong, and definitely not girly or sensitive. But imagine if we could change all that. Imagine if you weren't considered any less of a man if you wanted to openly talk about your feelings or binge watch 'Scandal' or take a beginner ballet class.

 Join us for a conversation after the film around the need to change our definition of healthy masculinity and expand what it means to “Be a Man”:

  • model a healthier form of masculinity,
  • support boys in expressing their emotions,
  • staying true to their whole selves, and
  • keeping their heads and their hearts connected.

All adults and teens are invited.


Upcoming Events

May 7th 6:30 pm-GP Sanctuary

Film- Trapped  -sponsored by Planned Parenthood

U.S. abortion clinics are fighting to survive. Since 2010, hundreds of laws regulating abortion clinics have been passed by conservative state legislatures. These restrictions, known as TRAP laws are spreading across America. Faced with increased costs of compliance and the alarming fear of violence from protesters, the stakes for the women and men on the front lines couldn’t be any higher. Free.


May 8th 9:00 am FD Building

Black Lives Matter –Sunday Morning Forum

Continuing the Work of Being Allies: As allies in this movement, there is internal and external work to be done. Everyone is invited to join in this conversation.


May 8th 1:00 pm GP Sanctuary

Jim Scott sings Pete Seeger

Jim Scott sings a tribute to remembers Pete Seeger $12.00 - tickets at the door


Fri May 14th 6:30 pm -GP Sanctuary 

Film- Mirrors of Privilege: Making Whiteness Visible

This film is meant to engage white people in meaningful conversation about race. This film features stories from white men and women on overcoming issues of unconscious bias and entitlement. The stories in the film reveal what is often required to move through the stages of denial, defensiveness, guilt, fear, and shame into making a solid commitment to ending racial injustice. This film catalyzes powerful dialogue to support the learning, change and healing of all people who want to undo race-based oppression.Free.


Thirty Days of Love

Take from life its coals, not its ashes.
Fan the flames of love and justice;
join hands and hearts in common endeavor; and there will be no limit
to what we can achieve together
- Laurel S. Sheridan

Mark your calendars for Saturday, January 16 through Sunday, February 14, 2016, for Standing on the Side of Love’s annual Thirty Days of Love. This is an annual event when we focus on ways that we can intentionally engage in standing on the side of love for those who are oppressed and marginalized in our community. This month begins with Martin Luther King Day and ends on Valentine’s Day (Side of Love Day). During this month we are reminded through our Unitarian Universalist faith that we are people committed to ending oppression and that we have a moral obligation to be continually widening our circles of love.

The focus for Thirty Days of Love of 2016 will be Racial Justice. Standing on the Side of Love is committed to harnessing the power of love to dismantle racism and white supremacy across our communities and to creating spaces inclusive of people of all races, ethnicities, and cultural backgrounds. Standing on the Side of Love supports the #BlackLivesMatter movement which has brought a renewed and needed urgency to the movement for racial justice.

We at Granite Peak will begin this month with the events and march honoring the legacy of Martin Luther King. There will be other opportunities to engage in Standing on the Side of Love throughout the month.


Martin Luther King Day March and Celebration

“Our goal is to create the beloved community and this will require qualitative change in our souls as well as quantitative change in our lives.” -Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Granite Peak is working closely with members of QCIC (Quad City Interfaith) and members of the broader community to organize the annual March and events for MLK day in Prescott. In the past these events have been organized by Arizona Serves but this year, at the last minute, they have withdrawn from this effort. So we have stepped in—as we are called to honor Martin Luther King.

With our partners we have decided to broaden this year’s celebration with a full weekend of events to offer the community at large a chance to come together and discuss the deeper message of Kings Legacy. The events begin Friday Jan 15 thru Sunday January 17 with a Film Series and public discussions on the larger issues of racism and the Black Lives Matter movement and the relevance of MLK’s message today. These films and discussions will be held at various venues around Prescott and will include Color of Fear and Brother Outsider. Many congregations will be reading and having discussion groups around the book Why We Can’t Wait by MLK. The times and places will be announced when they are confirmed.

On MLK Day we will have a March that begins at Prescott College at 10 am and ends at the Prescott United Methodist Church on Gurley St. This will be followed by a Ceremony Honoring Martin Luther King at 10:30 and a Children’s Program for ages 4 -12. There will also be an interactive King Legacy area for people to reflect and discuss their personal thoughts about what Martin Luther King’s message means and how we can commit to continue his legacy.

All members and friends of Granite Peak are invited and encouraged to attend these events and engage with the larger Prescott Community about the legacy of Martin Luther King. This is a way we can continue our commitment to building the beloved community. 


Paris to Prescott – Bring Climate Justice Home

Join in us in solidarity at the Courthouse Square, Sunday, November 29th at 3pm with the Global Climate March demanding serious action from world leaders at the December 15 Paris Climate Summit. We will have speakers, music, and an open mike! Let’s take action on what each one of us can do to bring climate justice home to Prescott.

Sponsored by Yavapai Climate Change Coalition - of which Granite Peak UU Congregation is a member. Rev. Karla will be a guest speaker.