Miriel Manning

Members at the Granite Peak Unitarian Universalist Congregation are compassionate and committed to real, meaningful social change. I am grateful for the way this community focuses on relationship building as a fundamental component of personal and collective transformation. I believe UU values compell us to reflect on what calls each of us to act and in turn, how action is itself a spiritual practice.

I moved to Prescott in 2011 after living my whole life in the small town of Silver City, New Mexico. Since then, I also lived and organized in Tucson, New York City, Guatemala, Mexico, and Maasailand, Kenya. Experiences within international struggles for freedom have deeply influenced my moral, ethical, and spiritual growth.

My heart has called me to act on many justice issues, including labor, housing, race, indigenous rights, the environment, queer and trans liberation, and most of all immigration. In 2015, I graduated from Prescott College with my Bachelors of Arts in Social Movement Studies and my Masters of Arts in Social Justice and Human Rights.

Over the last few years, I led multiple organizing efforts in Prescott, including: the Freedom Education Fund for undocumented students at Prescott College as well as the 1st Annual Northern Arizona Educators Conference to better support immigrant and refugee students. This passion also led me to conduct research on US involvement in global border militarization for Todd Miller’s upcoming book, Empire of Borders. As Adjunct Instructor at Prescott College, I taught US/Mexico Border Studies, Art and Agency in the Borderlands, and Landscapes of Neoliberalism. I’m currently also working to reduce food waste and food insecurity in Yavapai County.

As a genderfluid and queer person, I have found Granite Peak welcoming and most importantly, willing to take a strong stance against hate, bigotry, and oppression.

I believe each member of this congregation has an important role in our social justice directive. I look forward to working with you as we learn, reflect, act, and transform.

What brings you hope? What calls you to action?