Noelene Patterson

In 1974 a good friend and mentor mentioned that the Unitarian Church was the only one he had any respect for. That statement ignited a spark that inspired me to join The Phoenix Congregation in Paradise Valley in 1993. I remained an active member there and participated in choir until moving to Prescott in 1996 when I began attending the newly established Granite Peak UU Congregation.

My whole life has revolved around music and art. Growing up in the Bay Area afforded me a rich education in both, as well as the diversity I thrived on. When my family moved to Boulder, Colorado, I loved the amazing four seasons and Boulder’s vital art and music environment. I always participated in choir, orchestra, band and art programs while fishing, riding horses, playing tennis and swimming.

I graduated from The University of Colorado with a BFA in art education and started teaching in the same state. I then taught in Wisconsin and eventually, Bradshaw Mountain High School in Prescott Valley. My teaching career was intermittent and along my destination to here, I managed to raise two wonderful girls, as well as owning my own Graphic Design Company in Colorado. In Del Mar, California I was the ad and editorial artist for Northcoast Publishers in Encinitas and later the editorial artist for The Longmont Times Call in Colorado. After moving to Phoenix I was in print sales and then because I loved to travel I became a sales associate for America West Airlines. On a whim however, I answered an ad for a high school art teacher for The Humboldt School District and was in the classroom a week later. I wanted to live in the Mountains.

Although my life has been one of instability, I have been blessed with two daughters and their spouses, 4 grandchildren, close friends and much world travel. My interests since retirement in 2006 have centered around art and Granite Peak and Prescott Center For The Arts, and about anything that feeds my sense of adventure in my life and those of others.

I look forward to each new day in Prescott, a beautiful paradise, and the challenge of being the new Music Director for Granite Peak. The choir is my family and I will try to make our mutual musical experience one of awe and excitement. Please, those of you that haven’t joined us in the spirit of music, the invitation is always open.