Groups at Granite Peak

Leadership, Volunteer, and Social Opportunities

Besides being a volunteer involved in leading the congregation or serving on one of our committees, there are a number of other activities here at Granite Peak.

  • Adult Faith Development. Educational opportunities for spiritual growth.
  • Book Group. Reading and discussing books for fun.
  • Care Team. Helping each other in times of need.
  • Chalice Circles. Small group ministry.
  • Chalice Lighters. Helping other UU congregations in need.
  • Children's Religious Education. Teach and advise our youth.
  • Choir. Singing at our services.
  • Circle SUUppers. Rotating dinners with other members and friends.
  • Drum Circle. Making music for fun.
  • Empty Bowls. Our annual Courthouse Plaza fundraiser for local food banks.
  • GP Neighborhood Project. Volunteering in our local community.
  • Green Sanctuary. Environmentalism at Granite Peak.
  • Interfaith. Coordinating with other denominations in our area.
  • Music. Performing at our services.
  • Seeds of Support. Monthly collections for local charities.
  • Social Justice. Reaching out to the larger community.
  • UU Service Committee. Fundraising and awareness of UUSC programs.
  • Welcoming Congregation. Supporting our GLBTQ friends.
  • Women's Groups. Ongoing women's social groups.
  • Worship. Helping to plan our services.
  • YUUP. Social, service, and spiritual activities for young adults.