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When you enter our building you will be welcomed by greeters who will give you an order of service and who will direct you to the welcome table where you may ask questions and pick up informational brochures.

UU services reflect our Protestant heritage. The chancel (altar) is at the front, and the congregation sits in comfortable chairs, facing the pulpit. When you enter the sanctuary, you may find people in silent reflection or talking to nearby friends.

The typical service begins with a musical prelude, followed by a reading and the lighting of our chalice. At this time we welcome visitors, and you will be invited to stand and introduce yourself if you are comfortable doing so. Our children participate in a short reading or activity. This is usually followed by the congregation singing a hymn, and a meditation or prayer. This is followed by Joys and Sorrows, where life experiences which have touched the lives of congregational members are shared. The homily or presentation, usually around 20 minutes long, is followed by the offertory and another hymn.  After a final hymn or musical interlude, a benediction is read and our chalice is extinguished.