Building Rental

Building Rental Policy

GPUUC seeks to make our facilities available to the people of the community as a place where they may satisfy their needs for devotion, work, study, discussions, concerns for public issues, or for recreation.

GPUUC tax-exempt status requires that groups or organizations renting these facilities must qualify under state and/or federal statutes as non-profit organizations.

GPUUC sponsored events shall have priority over requests for building use from individual members, followed by affiliate groups, and then non-church groups and individuals.

The attached fee schedule applies to all non-member uses, including meetings, weddings, memorials, and other life celebration events.

GPUUC reserves the right to rescind or reassign the reserved space should it be needed for a memorial service/reception.

The piano is available by request for an additional fee and must remain in the room in which it was found.

The person who signs the Rental Agreement form is responsible for insuring that the following conditions are met:

  • Smoking is not allowed in any part of the building.
  • No animals other than service animals are allowed in the building.
  • No food or beverages are allowed in the Sanctuary.
  • Alcohol may not be served without written permission and may not be left on the premises.
  • Storage is not available.
  • All furniture and equipment used must be restored to its original location, lights must be turned off, doors locked and trash emptied.
  • Any decorations are limited to table tops only. No decorations are to be taped or fastened to the walls or ceiling in any way. All decorations must be removed at the conclusion of the event.
  • Non-church members may not use office equipment including the telephone.
  • Children must be supervised at all times. Toys, materials and classrooms are not available for use.
  • The building and grounds must be treated with respect and left in a clean and orderly condition.
  • All activities must end by 10:00 p.m. and clean-up end by 11:00 p.m.
  • Clearing sidewalks of snow and ice must be done by the users. A snow shovel and ice removal products are in the store room.

In addition, those who wish to use our facilities must use them in a manner which;

  • Is consistent with the spirit and intent of the zoning laws to which we are subject;
  • does not create disturbances or difficulties for our neighbors;
  • does not jeopardize our fire, building, property and liability insurance coverage;
  • does protect the integrity and safety of all people in the building and on the grounds;
  • does protect the building, its contents and the grounds.


Party Rental

Use of Davis Friendship Hall, Kitchen (warming & food preparation only) and restrooms for up to nine (9) hours

Guests Security Deposit Rental Fee
Up to 99 $200 $250
100-160 $250 $310
Additional Hours N/A $30 per hour


Meetings, Luncheons, Classes, Forums and Conferences

Based on four (4) hours or less, including set-up and clean-up

Guests Davis Hall * Sanctuary ** Conference Room Security Deposit ***
25 or less $25 N/A $25 $50
26-49 $75 $100 N/A $50
50-60 $75 $100 N/A $150
61-99 $125 $175 N/A $200
100 or more $150 $250 N/A $250
After 4 hours $20 per hour $25 per hour $10 per hour N/A



* Kitchen may be used in conjunction with Davis Hall rental (warming/food preparation/ beverages only): $25.00
** PA System in Sanctuary only: $30.00 to $60.00
*** Payable in advance. If clean-up is satisfactory, your full deposit will be returned.

Permission is required for a fund raising event, a profit-making venture or if admission is charged.